Washington Vehicle Emission Check Program
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OBD Test Readiness Assistance

Why did my vehicle fail the emissions test?

Your vehicle failed the test because not enough information is in its computer that monitors the operation of the emission control systems. A dead battery or some other interruption of power to the computer may have caused this.

What can I do to get my vehicle ready to be re-tested?

If an interruption of computer power caused the problem, it may take several weeks of varied driving for the computer to complete the needed tests. We can assist you by installing a device that will alert you when your vehicle is ready for an OBD test.

We can also provide you and your repair technician the exact driving your vehicle’s manufacturer specifies for your vehicle’s computer to quickly complete its tests. Some of the vehicle manufacturer‘s drive cycles are very complex and may be difficult to perform safely. The motorist or repair technician performs the vehicle’s drive cycle at their own risk.

Note: The cost of diagnosis and repairs, for "not ready" problems, by an Ecology Authorized Emission Specialist after a failed test can be applied toward obtaining a waiver from further testing.

How do I get an OBD Readiness Detector?

We can install an OBD Readiness Detector on your vehicle, if:
  1. The vehicle is a 1998 or newer model
  2. The vehicle’s computer connector is easily accessible
  3. The vehicle’s license expiration date is more than two weeks away. Less than two weeks of your usual driving may not be sufficient to set enough monitors to Ready.
  4. You sign a User Agreement that includes the following:
  • Your Name
  • Your Mailing Address
  • Your Phone Number (where we are most likely to reach you during the day or where we can leave a message for you)
  • Your Valid Credit Card and current information including:
o Name on card
o Billing address
o Account number
o Expiration date
o Security code

How much will the Readiness Detector cost?

There is no cost to use the Detector. Your credit card will be charged $200 that will be refunded when you return the Detector in good working condition within 30 days. We will keep all personal and credit card information secure and confidential. Before charging you, the station management will attempt to contact you by telephone to provide you at least two more business days to return the Detector. If you return the detector after the agreed upon time, your refund will be only $100. Once you return the Detector, all records of your personal and credit card information at the test station will be blacked out or destroyed, in your presence.

What happens once I decide to have a Detector installed in my vehicle?

After you have driven your vehicle through all the driving conditions needed to set enough monitors to Ready, the Detector will flash and beep to alert you that your vehicle is now ready for an OBD test. To ensure the Detector works properly and signals that your vehicle is ready for the OBD test, please do not remove the Detector at any time. Incorrectly removing, modifying, or tampering with the Detector may result in false readiness results or damage to your vehicle. When you return to the test station where the Detector was installed, station management will remove the Detector.

What do I do when the Detector indicates that my vehicle is now ready for an OBD test?

Once the Detector is beeping and flashing, bring your vehicle back to the test station where the Detector was installed and go into the office. Station management will remove the Detector from your vehicle and test the Detector. If it is in good working condition, the station management will destroy all of your personal and credit card information, in your presence. You may then have your vehicle tested.

This assistance may be discontinued at any time at the discretion of Applus Technologies, Inc. If so, we will contact you to return with your vehicle to the test station for removal of the Detector. Applus Technologies, Inc. makes no guarantee that your vehicle will have enough of its monitors set to Ready within 30 days or that it will pass the OBD test when enough monitors are Ready.

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