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Stuart Range from I90 west of Thorp / Photo: LEVYsheckler
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Authorized Emission Specialists are professional automotive repair technicians that have been specially trained in the diagnosis and repair of vehicles that fail any part of the emission testing process. Shops contained in this database that employ these emission specialists are familiar with the repair requirements of the Emission Check Program and are equipped to perform repairs on vehicles that fail an emission test.

Repairs performed by an Authorized Emission Specialist are the only repair costs that apply toward a repair waiver.

This webpage displays repair facilities with approved emissions testing equipment and at least one Ecology Authorized Emission Specialist. Please be aware that some technicians at a repair facility may not be Authorized Emission Specialists. Also, staff turnover may occur at any repair facility. Always request that your vehicle's emission repairs be performed by a Department of Ecology Authorized Gasoline and Diesel Emission Specialist. You may request to see the Specialist's certificate.

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